How Airlines & Flights Booking Sites Could Leverage Olerti Solution

Flight Booking Sites and the Airlines Industry

In the past decade, the airlines and travel industries were both faced with a major market disruption caused by online flight booking sites. Online flight booking sites are the perfect place for a net savvy consumer to compare multiple flights and travel itineraries, but the market has become diluted and flooded with dozens if not hundreds of extremely similar booking and comparison search engines. This increases consumer confusion and inhibits the individual success of each flight booking site.

Challenges Faced by Flight Booking Sites and the Airlines Industry

A significant amount of advertising dollars are dedicated towards convincing consumers that an individual travel site is the easiest to use and has the best rates. Net savvy travelers will spend hours comparing different fares through a myriad of sites and will usually only settle on the ones that meet the price point that they desire. Unfortunately for most flight booking sites, the majority of them do not have any direct control over the price points they project; the base prices are usually controlled by the actual vendor.

Solution: Using Olerti to Allow Consumers to Set Rates, Alerts and Buy with Confidence

To remain competitive, flight booking sites need to move beyond pricing and focus on offering a smoother transactional experience with features that cannot be found on other sites. Olerti bring solution that can be a major marketing boon to any flight booking site.

Olerti's solution operates simply: consumers are able to set the price they desire and receive an alert when a fare hits this price. They can then directly log in and quickly make their purchase. This is beneficial in three important ways: it gives the consumer exactly what they wanted, it reminds the consumer that the service is there and it increases the sense of urgency.

Through Olerti, companies can sell more tickets by giving customers a final push to buy. This can occur even if the consumer has already abandoned their search for a trip; the price tag will remain in action until it is hit.

Today, many flight booking sites conduct extensive tests to determine the correct price points that consumers desire. Olerti can also reduce the amount of testing that a flight booking site needs to do by instead asking consumers directly what price they are prepared to purchase at.

4 Benefits Airlines & Flights Booking Sites Could Get from Olerti Solution

Olerti offers a feature complete solution that can be dropped directly into any flight booking site and integrated with the existing system. Through Olerti, consumers receive immediate alerts through their phone that they can then translate directly into a purchase. Moreover, Olerti includes extensive functionality for the analysis of the data gathered through custom tagging and can be customized for any e-commerce solutions needs.

With flight booking sites constantly searching for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition, Olerti offers a comprehensive and easy to deploy customer-focused solution. Olerti can also be integrated into sites that deal with multiple booking services, such as car rental services and hotels.

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