How Car Dealers/Used Car Selling Companies Could Leverage Olerti Solution

Auto Industry and Used Cars Selling

There are few industries as competitive as the world of automotive and used car sales. Consumers are already primed to go after the lowest possible prices and there are dozens of dealerships serving each major city. To differentiate themselves, automotive dealerships need to use aggressive sales and customer acquisition techniques. Half the battle is getting the consumer on the line and in the door.

Challenges Faced by Car Dealers & Used Car Companies

Car dealerships are required to encourage and incite consumers into purchasing vehicles through them. They must counter any consumer hesitation and skepticism and provide impeccable customer service and salesmanship. Moreover, car dealerships need to offer competitive pricing and must be prepared to work with consumers that may not have the best financial outlook.

For authorized dealers, it is often about bringing out brand awareness and connecting with the surrounding community through online media, paid advertising spots and physical advertisements and banners. For used car dealerships, it's often about bringing in consumers who are interested in a deal.

Solution: Capture and Convert Clientele Through Olerti

Olerti offers a simple solution for client indecisiveness and consumer comparison shopping. When prospective vehicle buyers enter into a site where Olerti widget is placed, they are able to set the rates and prices they are interested at purchasing vehicles at. At authorized dealerships, they may seek low interest rates. At used car dealerships, they may seek better retail prices.

Either way, consumers who are shopping around will then be alerted when the price or interest rates drop. This will give a dealership higher visibility to the consumer; dealerships will be able to prompt consumers into immediate action.

Furthermore, through the use of Olerti's data capture, dealerships will be able to see the rates and price points that are truly desired by consumers. This will make it much easier for dealerships to price their vehicles and to construct discounts and deals.

3 Benefits Car Dealers & Used Car Selling Companies Could Get from Olerti Solution

Olerti is a fully-featured suite designed to encourage consumers to buy. In a market that is as competitive as automotive sales, having innovative solutions are a requirement. Today's consumer is extremely cost-focused and net-savvy; they will be shopping around online for the best possible deals. Putting some element of control in the user's hands will help them feel as though they are getting a better deal: in fact, they are paying exactly the price that they were interested in.

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