Innovative eCommerce Cloud App Built with Microsoft Azure. A Completely Unique Way to Shop Online

3 different ways to engage shoppers with product purchases

Price Drop Alerts

Product Insights

Get the product insights you need to make smarter pricing decisions. Dig deeper with real-time reports and read consumers mind from pricing perspective. Product insights feature allows you to see holistic view of the product being tagged and its sales trend.


Dashboard offers a real-time view of tagged products and generated revenue. Make smart decisions on what consumers are demanding. Needed KPIs are on the dashboard including Top 10 Products being tagged. It does help you on spotting trends for the product being tagged and executing sale campaign accordinlgy.

Sales Analysis

Get a real time view of how products are doing from revenue generation. Sales Analysis generated the view of the product being tagged and gone through check outs. Quickly identify sales by products and categories. Generate PowerPoint slides directly from the sales analysis view.

Manage Products

No matter how many products are being sold on your eCommerce portal, you can import as many as products you like. Once products are imported, we do bring additional data of the products into our application. e.g. Images, real time pricing etc.


Widget is key feature of our product as it brings Shoppers tagged products data into application. Various type of widgets can be created on fly so it can be placed on eCommerce portal. No matter how customized your portal is, it just fits in. Our team would be glad to help you on creating customized widget as well.

Boost Sales

Our proprietary algorithm help you sale more and identify untapped opportunities. This feature immediately identifies potential products where you could run a promotional campaign to attract more shoppers and boost sales.

Our Working Process

Olerti automates the process to let shoppers tagging price, getting alerts and shopping tagged product



Let our team of account managers understand challenges on your end and would identify if our solution would help you out or recommend something else.



Our strategists ensure each client gets the most out of their investment. Let us guide and optimize the approach to boosting sales.



Our integration engineers seamlessly weave the Olerti solution into each client’s ecommerce portal.



Olerti offers advanced tracking and A/B testing technologies to help our clients continuously measure and optimize their boost sales campaign efforts.

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