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Olerti offers a solution to online retailers to engage shoppers with product purchases. Through Olerti, retailers could allow shoppers to set price alert for the wished price; when the item is available on sale and reduced to at or below the wished price, the shoppers get an alert (SMS/Email Message) regarding the price change. Alert message includes a product detail page link so shoppers get motivated to buy it. After sending alerts, check out progress is tracked for their purchase activities.

3 Steps Process

Shopper sets the price alert on the eCommerce site for the specific product. No limitation! Set price alert for any online item.

Shopper will receive SMS or Email notification whenever wished price is offered by online retailer.

Alert message contains product detail page link. Shopper gets motivated to buy the product and check it out. Olerti tracks the the progress till check out.

Why Olerti is Simple and Very Powerful?

Olerti brings an innovative way to boost sales by letting shoppers to set the price for their wish list items. The idea is based on the fact that prices of online retail items do fluctuate and shoppers do not have time to keep track of these fluctuations so as to know when to buy at the price they prefer. Olerti tracks these fluctuations for them and alert them when the prices are right.

Shoppers’ price tags options are an innovative way to secure sales that many shoppers may not be willing to commit to at a higher price point. It improves shopping experience and reduce shopping cart abandonment rate.
Many shoppers abandon shopping carts or otherwise fail to convert because of the price of an item. These are not shoppers who will be purchasing an item at the existing price; these are shoppers who are not going to purchase the item unless it is the price they want. Offering them the ability to set their price and receive a price alert is a way to secure a future sale. Otherwise, they might not know when the item goes on sale to purchase it.
Shoppers who are aware of the price tag option may be more inspired to look through products they might want in the future. Further, price alerts sent to shoppers motivate them to look through the site for other products in addition to the product that triggered the alert; this is additional exposure that goes beyond merely having a price alert when dropped.
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