How Online Retailers Could Leverage Olerti Solution

eCommerce Industry in US & Current Trend

The eCommerce industry in the United States has been growing exceptionally quickly but smaller retailers are finding themselves under pressure to compete with large marketplaces and big box companies that now have online functionality. Online companies are growing in favor as consumers find themselves increasingly comfortable with making purchases online--it is a multi-billion dollar industry that grows larger every passing year.

Top 4 Reasons Online Shoppers Leave without Paying

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most pervasive problems throughout the e-commerce industry and occurs when a consumer is about to complete a purchase but instead simply leaves the site. It can occur for the following reasons.

The shopper may get to the final page only to discover that they need to pay sales tax or shipping fees on an item that far exceeds the amount that they had intended to spend.
Some shoppers are simply doing the equivalent of window browsing through an online store. They are interested in seeing the final tally but they lack the final push to actually purchase. They may be intending to purchase items at a later date, such as when they get paid, or they may want to look at items in a brick-and-mortar store.
May net savvy consumers today will search for better prices elsewhere after they find a product they want to buy. They know the exact search queries to use and may also search for online coupons and other methods of saving money. Consumers are increasingly price conscious when shopping online because the Internet makes it so easy to comparison shop.
Consumers may experience "sticker shock" once they load up their cart and then see how expensive the items that they added in were. They may not have realized that the items they were adding were that expensive in total.

Olerti brings innovative solution for Online Retailers

Olerti offers a comprehensive solution to all four major problems: unexpected costs, browsing, competitive pricing and overall pricing. With Olerti's widget, the consumer is allowed to set the price they desire rather than simply abandoning their cart. The eCommerce store is then able to preserve their relationship with the consumer and continue reaching out to them.

Consumers who encounter unexpected costs can tag the price they desire and later get an alert when they reach it. Likewise, consumers that are just browsing can display the price point at which stage they would become serious about purchasing, and thus the company can facilitate a sale that may have never previously existed.

Net savvy consumers that want to get a deal will like the ability to tag a price and may hesitate before moving to a competitor with a better deal for that reason. Finally, consumers that experience sticker shock at the total will be able to show how much they expected their items to cost and may be able to come back at a later date.

Overall, Olerti offers a solution that greatly reduces the potential for complete shopping cart abandonment by serving as a lifeline straight to the consumer. The company does not lose its grasp on the consumer and can still reach out to them.

4 Benefits Online Retailers Could Get from Olerti Solution

Olerti solution ensures that you don't lose communications with your shoppers once they have left your site. Instead you have an open door to them. The higher the engagement of a consumer the more likely a company is to sell them on an item.
Setting the price gives shoppers a feeling of control over their purchases. They are able to say exactly how much money they want to spend on a certain purchase.
Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most significant problems an eCommerce retailer will face. Olerti offers a solution which greatly helps reducing shopping cart abandonment by providing consumers with a final push.
Overall, Olerti built a solution which adds essential functionality to an eCommerce site that makes an eCommerce site easier to use for the consumer and gives an eCommerce retailer more options for reaching out to their customers. Simply, it allows turning price tags into sales.

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